LSR Group announces results of an offer for its own ordinary shares

28 September 2021

PJSC LSR Group (“LSR” or the “Company”) (MOEX: LSRG), one of the leading real estate developers and building materials producers in Russia, today announces the results of the offer to purchase its own ordinary shares (ISIN RU000A0JPFP0) (hereinafter “Shares”) traded on Moscow Exchange, at the price of RUB 780 per one ordinary share (the “Offer”). The shareholders could send applications for the sale of their Shares to the Company or withdraw such applications from August 20, 2021 to September 20, 2021 (both dates inclusive).

— 5,437,630 ordinary shares were tendered

— Tender offer price was set at RUB 780 per one ordinary share

Based on the information provided by a specialized register holder VTB Registrar, 5,437,630 of ordinary shares were tendered and transferred to the treasury account of PJSC LSR Group, representing 5.278% of the Company’s share capital. Following completion of the purchase of ordinary shares tendered in the Offer, the free float of LSR’s Shares is now 28.62%.

After the repurchase, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the acquired ordinary shares will be transferred to the balance sheet of PJSC “LSR Group”, will not have voting rights and will not be taken into account when counting votes, and no dividends will be accrued on them.

Further strategy of LSR Group in equity capital markets

The Board of Directors of LSR will have to determine the next steps in relation to the acquired Shares. In particular, the Board of Directors may consider, but not be limited by, the following options:

  • to propose to the general meeting of shareholders of the Company to cancel a part of the shares held on the balance sheet of PJSC “LSR Group”;
  • to use a part of the shares held on the balance sheet of PJSC “LSR Group” as a motivation tool for key managers of the Company.

The Company will additionally inform about the relevant decision taken by the Board of Directors.

Detailed information on the Offer can be found in the Notice of PJSC “LSR Group” on the acquisition of its own ordinary shares on the Company's website at


For more information please contact:

Department of Investor Relations and Sustainable Development



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