What we create is home, the most important thing for people. It is a space to live, communicate, develop, maintain family traditions and values.

We exert every effort to help citizens of metropolises and small towns achieve their dream of high-quality and modern housing. We do our best to build apartments that will make people’s lives comfortable for years to come.


When the company was established we were determined to go down in the history of business in Russia as the best construction company.

We concentrate our efforts on what we can do best – production of building materials, development, construction and construction services. In all of these business lines we strive to achieve leadership and a dominant market share being a quality benchmark for other players in the market.

We would like our business activities to be a growth driver of the whole Russia’s economy. We maintain and improve our production assets and, thus, contribute to the development of the domestic construction industry.

Our principles

The business strategy that we chose defines the company’s goals and challenges and implies further expansion of our real estate development portfolio, increase of the production capacities and a long-term growth of the company’s capitalisation.

We invest into the upgrade of our production assets and utilise innovative approaches and technologies to ensure maximum profitability of our business.

Due to our own advanced state-of-the-art facilities which produce the whole range of building materials required for construction of buildings and also the in-house construction business units we are able to control and guarantee the best quality at each stage of construction and be responsible to our clients and partners.

We are a vertically-integrated company with a unified ideology and centralised standards of construction and production of building materials.

We realise that people are the most important component of any company regardless of its size and business line. That is why we pay a lot of attention to our employees creating conditions for their efficient work and enabling their professional growth and career advancement.

We apply the principles of openness, transparency and risks mitigation for all parties concerned constantly improving our corporate governance methods.

We ensure sustainable growth of our business and, thus, enable social and economic development in the regions of our presence. We are actively involved in the life of the cities supporting education and culture.

We introduce new approaches to social and charity programmes. As of today we have reached the stage where we can support higher values and invest in the fields where public good is created.

We assume broad responsibilities to society, for maintaining clean environment, in particular. Every year our business units develop and implement programmes aimed to reduce environmental load and ensure environmental safety.

We are proud of what we have achieved and do not plan to rest on our oars.

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