LSR Group helps to address the most urgent social challenges in regions where we do business. We allocate funds to support social and charity programmes, help with landscaping of public areas, and work on the construction and renovation of social infrastructure.

The company supports non-profit organisations by provision of consulting services and co-sponsoring of charity projects.

The charity policy of LSR Group is based on the following fundamental principles:

  • targeted support;
  • efficiency;
  • consistency.

Main areas of LSR charity work are as follows:


Supporting children


Supporting vulnerable individuals


Reviving and preserving cultural heritage

List of key charity projects of LSR Group in 2021


Supporting the St. Petersburg Municipal Association of NGOs for the Parents of Disabled Children

  • Supporting Day-Care Centres for Young People with Mental Disabilities
  • Assisted living services (Novaya Okhta and Okhta Na Rechke facilities, and the U Korney Chukovskogo workshops)
  • Construction of the Kak Doma (“As Good as Home”) temporary assisted-living centre (in 2021)
  • Use of a quota system to create jobs for disabled people

Working with NGOs, Children are Waiting and Parents of St. Petersburg

  • Helping to update and expand the database for adoption portals and websites, sponsoring photo sessions for children seeking adoption
  • A family adaptation centre offering comprehensive support to foster families to prevent rejection of adopted children
  • Sestrinsky Ukhod project to support orphaned children at healthcare centres
  • Mama Ryadom project to support single mothers with young children
  • Svoy Vzglyad studio teaching photography skills to orphaned children and foster parents

Working with the Parents’ Bridge Charity

  • Supporting Day-Care Centres for Young People with Mental Disabilities

Supporting Inclusive Children’s Craft Centres

Construction of assisted living facilities

The project for construction of assisted-living facilities is a unique initiative in Russia, offering people with mental disabilities an alternative to life in psychiatric care institutions. LSR Group built the first and second assisted-living facilities (Novaya Okhta and Okhta Na Rechke) in 2017 and 2019 in partnership with the St. Petersburg Municipal Association of NGOs for the Parents of Disabled Children. Each facility currently accommodates 19 disabled people from 18 to 54 years of age. In 2021, LSR Group built two more such facilities: the Kak Doma (“As Good as Home”) temporary assisted-living centre in the Tsvetnoy Gorod residential complex, and a dormitory for young disabled people who have completed professional training at the Social and Occupational Integration Multicentre in Vsevolozhsk.

In 2021, in a similar project, LSR Group built a dormitory for young disabled people who have completed professional training at the Social and Occupational Integration Multicentre in Vsevolozhsk. This was the first facility to be built under the social sector cooperation agreement made in 2019 between LSR Group and Leningrad Region. The facility was approved for opening in 2021 and started work in April 2022. The dormitory has 19 private rooms and is fully equipped for living. The building and the adjacent area meet all safety and accessibility requirements for disabled people and people with special needs.

Staff of non-profit organisations and local government, as well as parents of disabled children from Russia and beyond come to St. Petersburg to learn from this ground-breaking project in assisted living. LSR Group is proud to share its unique experience in the construction of such facilities and keen to see them replicated elsewhere in Russia.

Kak Doma Temporary Assisted-Living Centre

The Kak Doma (“As Good as Home”) temporary assisted-living centre was built as part of the Tsvetnoy Gorod residential complex in partnership with the St. Petersburg Municipal Association of NGOs for the Parents of Disabled Children in 2021. It was opened in June 2022. The Kak Doma centre provides temporary assisted living for disabled people whose families need time to address specific problems. Duration of stay is determined on a case-by-case basis, but cannot exceed three months. The centre has capacity for 23 disabled people at a time.

The Kak Doma centre will operate on the same principle as assisted-living facilities, supporting disabled people in line with their needs. The three-storey building is fully adapted for people with special needs and severe disorders: it includes recreation facilities, a dining-room, an administrative area and a medical station, and offers 24/7 support by social workers. Residents at the centre receive help from psychologists and educators.

LSR Group is committed to supporting the Family Adaptation Centre.
In 2021:

10 intakes of prospective foster parents

completed training at the Foster Parents School

135 people

received certificates from the School

257 children

from 2 to 18 years of age attended the Family Adaptation Centre


consultations by psychologists were provided to prospective and current foster parents

12 886

hours of tutoring in school subjects were provided to children

The Deti-doma.rf outreach portal for foster families was also launched and a second Home School was opened for the Children are Waiting family adaptation centre . LSR Group is proud of the successes achieved by the Children are Waiting projects. Financial and non-financial support includes: organisational support and advice, and construction and provision of premises for Children are Waiting to carry on its work and accommodate people in its care.

Work with the Children are Waiting charity foundation


children found new parents

The company has supported the foundation since 2010. The primary objectives of these joint efforts are as follows: facilitating adoption of orphaned children by foster families, training prospective foster parents, providing foster families with psychological assistance and comprehensive support.

Reviving and Preserving Cultural Heritage

LSR Group has a tradition of contributing to projects that promote Russian culture and preserve historical and art treasures. In 2021, LSR Group assisted restoration of architectural heritage monuments by provision of building materials and co-financing of works. Monuments that LSR Group helped to restore in 2021 include:
  • The Melnikov House in Moscow: an experimental workshop built by the architect K.S. Melnikov in 1927–1929;
  • Teremok (Smolensk Region): a decorative building on the Tenishev Estate, built in 1901 to a design by the Russian painter Sergey Malyutin;
  • Botanical Conservatories at the Arkhangelskoye Museum-Estate near Moscow (an 18th- and 19th-century palace and garden);
  • Paintings at the Pokrovsky Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Alexander-Svirsky Monastery (an Orthodox monastery in Leningrad Region with a number of 16th-and 17th-century architectural monuments).
LSR Group provides support for various cultural events. Many such events were either suspended or moved online during the COVID pandemic. Highlights of 2021 included a charity concert for healthcare professionals under the title ”Thank You Very Much”, which was sponsored by LSR Group. The event was for female healthcare professionals in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region who worked especially hard to meet the challenges of the pandemic. Representatives of the Leningrad Region and St. Petersburg governments expressed their thanks to healthcare workers at the start of the evening. The performing artists were accompanied by the Tavrichesky State Symphony Orchestra. The atmosphere at the concert was warm and friendly. The healthcare workers who attended the event said that it gave them a sense of community and joy and made them feel needed, important, and not alone at this difficult time. The event was rated among “Best Practices” by Delovoy Peterburg, the leading business newspaper in the Russian northwest.

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