About LSR Group

LSR Group was established in 1993 and in 30 years has grown into one of Russia’s leading construction firms, ranked in the TOP-3 Russian developers by construction volumes.

A role as industry leader is part of our company’s DNA.

LSR Group continues to increase construction and manufacturing volumes in order to stay ahead of rivals and live up to its reputation.


years in business


Business in 6 regions




years in business


Business in 6 regions



Why We Are Trusted by Millions

Experience & Unique Model

We combine our core business in real estate development with production of non-metallic minerals and manufacture of a broad range of building materials. The holding consists of 12 separate business units. LSR even has its own special-purpose vessel fleet for dredging sites prior to the start of construction work.


Six Business Regions

LSR Group operates in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, Moscow and the Moscow Region, as well as in the cities of Ekaterinburg and Sochi. In addition to housing development, building materials and modular manufacturing, the company has a property management branch that manages resort facilities, hotel complexes and business centres.

Public Company

LSR Group is a public joint stock company. Our shares are listed on the Moscow Stock Exchange. All substantial aspects of company business are disclosed in our annual reports.

A Core Company

In 2015, LSR Group was included in the Russian government’s list of “core companies”, recognising that the company makes a key contribution to functioning of the construction sector and the economy in regions where it does business.

Key Projects

In 30 years of work LSR has built over 600 apartment blocks, worked on the renovation of historic buildings, and built and refitted a number of large industrial sites.

Our History


One of the largest redevelopment projects in Europe located in Moscow, 5 km from the Kremlin

Russkiy Dom

A built complex in St. Petersburg, which has won International Architecture Awards


The largest mid-rise residential development in Ekaterinburg

Nevsky 1

A modern business centre in a historic building on the main street of St. Petersburg

Nikolsky Brick Factory

A newly built and fully-automated clinker factory in Otradny, near St. Petersburg.

Land reclamation Areas

Man-made dry-land areas created on Vasilyevsky Island in St. Petersburg using unique technology

Breakthrough Technologies

LSR Group uses an energy-efficient “seamless” construction technology, which improves heat-proofing and sound-proofing of outer walls by up to 30%. The technology, which can be used for city apartments and private suburban housing, offers major savings on utilities.

Casting of slabs over precast joists reduces consumption of construction materials and environmental impact.


We are a socially responsible company. 
We have an extensive programme of assistance to those who need it.

LSR Group works with non-profit organisations and supports a number of deserving projects and foundations. We cooperate with the St. Petersburg Municipal Association of NGOs for the Parents of Disabled Children, as well as the Children Waiting and Parents’ Home Foundations. We also oversee the work of inclusive children's craft centres in three regions where we do business.

Since 2021 our company has been the general partner of the Schusev State Museum of Architecture, working on renovation of the Melnikov House, a masterpiece of avant-garde architecture in central Moscow. Streets at our flagship residential complex in Moscow have been named after Konstantin Melnikov and other outstanding figures of the Russian avant-garde.


Leaders of the Russian Construction Industry

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