LSR Group makes seventeenth coupon payment on its Series 001P-01 bonds

23 December 2020

PJSC LSR Group (“LSR” or the “Company”) (LSE: LSRG; MOEX: LSRG), one of the leading real estate developers and building materials producers in Russia, today announces that it has made the seventeenth coupon payment in the amount of RUB 28,602,900.32 on its non-convertible interest-bearing certified exchange-traded Series 001P-01 bearer bonds subject to mandatory centralized custody, placed under the programme of the exchange-traded bonds (hereinafter – the Exchange-traded bonds).

The identification number of the issue is 4B02-01-55234-E-001P as of 22 September 2016 (ISIN RU000A0JWU98).

The seventeenth coupon interest rate was set at 10.75% per annum and amounted to RUB 10.72 per one bond. 

5,000,000Exchange-tradedbonds were placed as part of the bond issue on 28 September 2016, with a maturity of 1,820 days, divided into 20 coupon payment periods. Early redemption of the Exchange-traded bonds was provided for in the amount of 20% of the nominal value of the Exchange-traded bonds at the end of 12th, 14th, 16th, 18th and 20th coupon payment periods. LSR Group repurchased 2,331,819 of exchange-traded bonds in accordance with the Public Irrevocable Offer dated October 12, 2020, bringing total number of bonds outstanding to 2,668,181.


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Investor Relations

Igor Tsoy
Director of Investor Relations    

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