LSR Group announces the commencing date for its exchange-traded Series 001P-05 bonds

25 October 2019

PJSC LSR Group (“LSR” or the “Company”) (LSE: LSRG; MOEX: LSRG), one of the leading real estate developers and building materials producers in Russia, today announces the commencing date for its non-convertible interest-bearing certified exchange-traded Series 001P-05 bearer bonds subject to mandatory centralised custody, to be placed under the programme of the exchange-traded bonds 001P with the identification number 4-55234-Е-001P-02E as of 14 September, 2016 (ISIN not assigned).

The commencing date for the bonds placement is set for 31 October, 2019.

For more information please contact: 
Investor Relations
Igor Tsoy 
Director of Investor Relations

Media Relations
LSR Group Press Service


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