LSR Group acquires new project in Moscow

29 May 2017

LSR Group has acquired a land plot of 4.23 hectares in south of Moscow (26, ul. Krasnogo Mayaka). The net sellable area of the comfort-class housing to be built on the land plot will amount to 70,000 sq. m.

Commercial premises will be located on the ground floor of the buildings. Playgrounds and sports facilities are to be arranged in the yards. The project also implies construction of a parking area, aimed to keep the territory of the residential complex free from the cars. 

The district has a well-developed public, commercial and social infrastructure and serene environment. More than 10 schools, a health center, several kindergartens are located nearby, along with the Bitsevsky Forest, the Victory’s 30th Anniversary Park, the Red Pond and the Kirovograd Ponds Cascade Park. The project boasts a good transport access through Prazhskaya metro station and Varshavskoye highway. 

LSR Group plans to start construction in 2018 and complete the project by the end of 2020. 

For more information please contact:
LSR Group Press Service


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