Decisions of the Board of Directors of LSR Group

06 March 2017

The Board of Directors of PJSC LSR Group reviewed items of the agenda and decided the following:

The following persons, proposed by the Company’s shareholder Andrey Molchanov, were included into the list of candidates to the Company’s Board of Directors and the Internal Audit Commission:

Board of Directors: 

1. Dmitri Gontcharov; 
2. Vasiliy Kostritsa;
3. Aleksey Makhnev (as an independent director);
4. Andrey Molchanov;
5. Vitaliy Podolskiy (as an independent director);
6. Alexander Prisyazhnuk (as an independent director);
7. Elena Tumanova;
8. Olga Sheikina;
9. Evgeniy Yatsyshin.

Internal Audit Commission: 

1. Natalya Klevtsova;
2. Ludmila Fradina;
3. Irina Sharapova.

The corporate action notice “Information regarding certain decisions of the Board of Directors (Supervisory Board) of the issuer” is available at 

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LSR Group Press Service
Tel.: +7 812 333 11 11


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