Russkiy Dom Residential Complex Wins KAISSA Contest

09 December 2016

On December 8, in St. Petersburg, winners of the XXII transregional annual public real estate, KAISSA-2016, were awarded in official ceremony, and residential complex Russkiy Dom was declared the best premium-class residential housing project in Saint Petersburg.

LSR Group is building a unique premium residential complex , Russkiy Dom (Russian House) in the very heart of the Russian Venice of the North. An apartment building with an underground parking lot is being erected in the Central District at the junction of Korolenko Street and Baskov Lane. The project of the apartment building designed by Design Office Evgeny Gerasimov and Partners features convenient location, memorable architecture and European quality. The project offers a wide range of layout solutions to the potential buyers: options with bay windows, walk-in closets and several bedrooms are available. Among the complex highlights are apartments featuring terraces in the upper floors. The residential areas vary from 52.7 to 265.7 square meters, the ceilings at mansard levels are up to seven meters high. The ground floor area of more than seven thousand square meters will be occupied by businesses.

KAISSA Professional Contest was established in 1995 by the Association of Realtors of Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region to reveal the best real estate companies, mass media and real property marketers who contributed to the market development. The contest attracts the public’s attention to the leading real estate companies and marketers, promotes experience sharing and cooperation between professionals, provides its awardees with competitive advantages.

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