RAEX confirmed LSR Group rating at “А+” level

21 December 2016

RAEX rating agency (RA Expert) confirmed the rating of creditworthiness (long-term creditworthiness) of LSR Group at “A+” level, i.e. “very high level of credit solvency”. The rating outlook is “stable”.

The company’s high profitability, low foreign exchange risks, diversified structure of costs, revenues and accounts receivable are the key factors which had positive impact on the rating. Also high liquidity ratios, high coverage of all the company’s liabilities by its assets adjusted for liquidity, and moderately high level of anticipated liquidity had positive influence on the rating level.

Analysts appreciated the quality of strategic planning and the company’s risk management system, information transparency, as well as the scope and reliability of insurance coverage.

For more information please contact:
LSR Group Press Service
E-mail: press@lsrgroup.ru


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