LSR Group supplies bricks to the EU

21 April 2015

LSR Group sent the batch of bricks to Finland in April, 2015 and is planning to increase the export volume.  The Company is going to supply bricks to the Baltic countries in the nearest future.

A batch of clinker bricks (a perfect solution for road and sidewalk paving) of different colors is on the way to Finland: white, gray, cream, brown and dark red. The batch contains facing and common solid bricks primarily used in construction of stoves and fireplaces. This is the first time a company from Russia supplies high-quality brick and clinker to the European Union. Russia previously was only an importer of brick products.

Russian clinker is at least 50% cheaper than the foreign analogues in the Russian market, and even considering the logistics costs, the company’s products will be competitive in the EU.
LSR Group began to supply brick products to Belarus and Kazakhstan in the last year. The large batches of clinker products and porous blocks are being exported to Kazakhstan for certain construction projects in Astana. The total amount of export deliveries within the first half of the year is going to be about 10 million standard bricks.

Sergey Begoulev, Managing Director of LSR.Wall Material –  NW, commented:
“Our products and, above all, the paving clinker are equal and even superior to several European analogues considering their technical, physical and mechanical characteristics. In the view of the current economic situation and the exchange rate, export to Europe is well justified. We are currently involved into negotiations with several large Finnish real estate developers”.

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