LSR Group pays fourth coupon on its Series BO-04 bonds

08 April 2015

LSR Group fully paid the fourth coupon on its Series BO-04 certificated interest-bearing non-convertible bearer bonds with mandatory safekeeping worth RUB 151,830,000 and fulfilled its obligation to pay part of the total nominal value of  bond issue (33.3%) amounting to RUB 999,000,000.

The identification number of the issue is 4В02-04-55234-Е as of 16 February 2011.

The fourth coupon rate was set at 10.15% per annum and amounted to RUB 50.61 per one bond.

The bond issue was placed on April, 10, 2013. The total size of the issue is 3,000,000 (three million) bonds with a nominal value of RUB 1,000 each. The maturity is 1092 days with early redemption of the nominal value, and divided into 6 coupon periods.

For more information please contact:
LSR Group Press Service


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