In the first half of 2015 LSR Group generated RUB 28,741m of revenues and RUB 5,767m of EBITDA

27 August 2015

In the first half of 2015 LSR Group generated RUB 28,741m of revenues and RUB 5,767m of EBITDA
•Sales revenue decreased by 11%, down to RUB 28,741m
•EBITDA increased by 8%, up to RUB 5,767m
•EBITDA margin increased from 17% to 20%
•Profit for the period increased by 274%, up to RUB 3,944m
•Earnings per share amounted to RUB 38.67
•Total debt decreased by 6%, down to RUB 25,822m
•Net debt/EBITDA ratio was 0.31

Andrey Molchanov, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Committee of LSR Group comments:

The first half of 2015 was a tough period for us, especially the first quarter when February saw the sharp decrease in new-contract sales, when the mortgage lending system was knocked out, when we faced the deficit of housing available for sale due to the abnormal demand of the Q4 of 2014. Today we see that things are getting back to normal and face the future with confidence. At this point the company has a very solid financial position and a reputation for reliability that we have been building for many years. We actively launch new projects to the market, which are attractive to customers and long awaited. We ensure their massive marketing support. We pay close attention to our projects’ timing and strive to fulfill our obligations even ahead of the schedule.

In 1H 2015, our revenue amounted to RUB 28.7bn, down 11% year-on-year. EBITDA grew by 8%, up to RUB 5.8bn. EBITDA margin reached 20%. The company’s profit increased by 274%, up to almost RUB 4bn. The Net debt/EBITDA ratio was 0.31.

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