Date and agenda of Board of Directors

14 December 2015

LSR Group PJSC, one of the leading developers and producers of construction materials in Russia, announces the meeting of the Board of Directors on December 17, 2015 with the following agenda:

1. Review of the 2016 financial budget. 
2. Review of the 9m 2016 financial report.
3. Review of the principles of the long-term incentive program of top-management of LSR Group PJSC.
4. Review of the number of members of the Executive Committee and its term of office. Election of the members of the Executive Committee.
5. Review of the revised Provision on the Information policy of the Board of Directors of LSR Group PJSC.
6. Approval of transactions in accordance with the Charter of LSR Group PJSC.

For more information please contact:
LSR Group Press Service 


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