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Protecting the environment

Natural resources conservation and minimisation of the negative environmental impact are at the root of LSR Group’s activities.


24% – reduction in electricity consumption

23% – reduction in petrol consumption

No accidents with environmental impact

Environmental management at LSR Group is founded on strict compliance with the requirements of the environmental legislation and the implementation of additional measures aimed at reducing environmental risks.

In order to meet these objectives, LSR Group’s business units draw up schedules of environmental protection measures on an annual basis with fund allocations to support the implementation.

To ensure that LSR Group companies comply with all regulatory requirements, LSR Group constantly monitors changes in the legislation on environmental protection measures and considers any change introduced, as well as implements a broad range of monitoring measures.

In 2018, a total of RUB 23.7 million was invested in environmental protection measures, including monitoring and preventive measures, in the Building Materials segment.

* The quantitative environmental protection data refers to the Building Materials business segment (with the exception of information on energy consumption and energy efficiency, which refers to LSR Group as a whole). The activities of LSR Group companies within the Building Materials segment create the most significant impact on the environment due to the nature of the industrial and technological processes involved.

Energy consumption and energy efficiency

LSR Group devotes significant attention to monitoring its use of energy resources and improving energy efficiency. Implementing energy-efficient technologies is important both for making effective use of renewable energy resources, as well as for managing climate risks.

Total LSR Group consumption of fuel from non-renewable sources in 2018 (by fuel type)

Fuel type


Vehicle petrol

772,000 litres

Diesel fuel

36 million litres

Natural gas

71 million cubic metres

Fuel oil

30 tonnes

LSR Group electricity and thermal energy consumption in 2018

Energy type






million kWh




Thermal energy

thousand Gcal





Material resource management

One important goal for LSR Group is to monitor the quality of the material resources that it uses and to reduce the material intensity of production, while maintaining product quality. The objectives of this monitoring are to ensure that our finished products are of the highest quality and comply with current standards and regulatory requirements.

LSR Group companies regularly take measures to reduce the material intensity of production, such as: optimising production processes, improving the technical outfitting of companies and seeking out and develop new product compositions using safer and more effective additives.

Some LSR Group facilities employ recycled or reused waste materials to manufacture key products. These initiatives facilitate reduction of waste generated, while lowering the cost of production.

Reducing pressure on water resources

LSR Group companies are committed to making the most effective use of water resources and minimising pressure on bodies of water by reducing water withdrawal, improving the quality and reducing the quantity of discharged effluents. Projects for the multiple reuse of water during the production process have been implemented at several Group companies.

Water withdrawal from surface sources by the Building Materials business segment in 2016-2018, thousand cubic metres

 Динамика забора воды из поверхностных источников направления «Строительные материалы» в 2016–2018 годах, тыс. куб. м

This high water withdrawal is the result of the hydrotransport of a significant amount of sand extracted from underwater deposits to waterside depots. Therefore, monitoring fisheries and minimising negative impact on the habitats of aquatic flora and fauna are also among the top priorities for the Group’s environmental teams. Where impact is unavoidable, compensatory measures are implemented with the aim of restoring and further cultivating biological resources in water bodies.

LSR Group is committed to ensuring that the quality and volume of discharged water complies with the established water body usage regulations. In order to achieve this objective, water protection plans are developed and put into action on a regular basis, while the condition of bodies of water is monitored and industrial inspections are carried out at discharge sites.

A total of 4,248,000 cubic metres of waste water was discharged by LSR Group companies in the Building Materials segment in 2018[1]. More than 90 percent of the waste water discharged fell under the categories ‘clean in accordance with standards’ and ‘treated in accordance with standards’.

[1] Not including rainwater.



Impact on atmospheric air

LSR Group’s companies strictly monitor compliance with the established pollutant emissions standards and implement emissions-cutting measures.

Measures to ensure compliance with the established standards are carried out as part of individual companies’ approved environmental protection programmes. The most important of these include environmental performance checks, performance checks on gas purification units and technical maintenance of these units, and laboratory tests on the air at the borders of companies’ sanitary protection zones.

Proportion of different pollutants in atmospheric emissions produced by the Building Materials business segment in 2018, %

Доля выбросов в атмосферу различных загрязняющих веществ направления «Строительные материалы» в 2018 году, %


Waste management

LSR Group is dedicated to minimising waste generation, and actively seeks out solutions that enable it to recycle different types of waste. LSR Group companies regularly monitor their compliance with agreed waste generation standards and storage limits, as well as compliance with requirements for temporary waste accumulation areas.

Waste generated by the Building Materials business segment in 2018, by hazard class, %

Доля отходов различных классов опасности, образовавшихся в 2018 году, направления «Строительные материалы», %

Waste handling methods employed by Group companies in the Building Materials business segment in 2018

Доля отходов по способам обращения по направлению «Строительные материалы» в 2018 году, %


Green building

Green building is a vital part of LSR Group’s sustainable development activities, and an issue that is becoming increasingly important for real estate market participants these days. Buildings that minimise their environmental impact throughout their lifecycle and help to improve human health retain their value longer than buildings constructed without taking these issues into consideration.

Furthermore, sustainable construction helps to minimise climate-associated risks both for the Group and, more broadly, for our stakeholders. Global problems are a challenge for the construction and real estate sectors, and as one of the largest players in the market, we are conscious of our responsibility to solve them.

That is why LSR Group is committed to ensure that the real estate it builds and the products it produces meet the highest standards of environmental efficiency, safety and quality. At the same time, the concepts of sustainable and green building are far from being environmental issues alone: in addition to reducing environmental impact, we also place greater focus on improving the quality and social aspects of life in our new buildings.

Key elements of sustainable and green construction at LSR Group include the following:

  • constructing buildings that use energy-efficient and heat-saving technology
  • implementing technologies that enable water to be saved post-completion
  • implementing modern systems for separated waste collection and disposal
  • constructing buildings using environmentally safe construction materials
  • creating building microclimates that are comfortable and safe for inhabitants
  • using soundproofing technology within buildings
  • comprehensively landscaping and planting the areas around buildings
  • using building information modelling (BIM) technology[1]

Highly effective measure for reducing environmental impact is the use of environmentally safe construction materials. LSR Group devotes special attention to producing environmentally friendly building materials which are then used in the construction of our own residential complexes and sold to external customers. The aerated concrete and bricks that we produce have a range of important characteristics that make them safe for the environment and non-hazardous to human health during the operation of buildings and facilities constructed using these materials.

An equally important area of sustainable construction for LSR Group is comprehensive landscaping of the areas surrounding buildings and creating a pleasant sociocultural environment. All LSR Group projects take these aspects into account and include planting grounds, as well as the development of a landscape design (creating gardens, recreation areas, playgrounds and sports grounds and bike lanes). Projects also involve the construction of schools, nurseries and other social and cultural facilities.

We plan to continue developing green building technology, thereby assisting in the preservation of natural resources for future generations, while supporting the health, wellbeing, quality of life and standard of living of our residents.


[1] BIM technology enables a single model of the building to be created which includes all of the necessary information for all sections of the project and all stages of the building lifecycle, allowing management of building data in a more efficient manner

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